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Plant Walk in Cassadega, Florida

This morning was almost perfect for a plant walk, a little moist still here in Florida, but the temperature is dropping to the Tolerable zone. We walked around Colby Alderman Park in Cassadega searching for edible & medicinal plant examples.  Our venture was quite productive!  We started by visiting the Eastern Red Cedar trees (aka […]

Medicine Making

My medicine making career began at 13 when Dad secured for me a position in a local pharmacy. Within weeks, I was measuring & mixing & working with the pharmacist creating custom-compounded prescription formulas. I doubt this practice was legal, but it was fulfilling working on special creations for clients we knew personally. Today, my […]

The Problem with Memes & Social Media

The internet has opened sources of education & knowledge for many.  Memes have helped spread the desire to gain knowledge by providing tiny bits of information in a graphic & friendly format. Unfortunately, most are poorly researched. And, of course, because of the brevity lack depth for the novice. Following the advice of herbal memes, social […]