Workshops, Classes & Events

Workshops are on hold for the Summer 2014 so I can revamp class materials. Below is a sampling of workshops & classes available.

Check back soon for dates & registration information.

Reiki I, II & Master training

Herbal Medicine Making Workshop

We will start with a tour through the Faeryland Sanctuary Gardens, identifying both wild & cultivated medicinal herbs. After harvesting the fresh plants, participants take over the kitchen as they learn to use fresh & dried herbs in tinctures, salves and infusions.  Each participant will leave with a jar of salve, and a custom blend.

Plant Allies Scavenger Hunt

Join me for a morning stroll through local parks & natural spaces as we identify local medicinal & edible plants.  Be sure to wear comfortable clothes & shoes.  Bring water & writing instruments & maybe a camera.

We meet at 9am & continue until we are finished (usually about 2 hours)

Tree Allies of the South

Join me in one of our local parks or natural spaces for a guided Medicine & Magic Walk through as we discover our Southern Tree Allies. We will discuss & practice identification, building relationships with tree spirits, tree lore & tree medicine for physical, emotional & spiritual healing.

Thriving as an Empath in Today’s Crazy World

Being an Empathy or Highly Sensitive Person in today’s overstimulated world can be a challenge, but is also an amazing gift. Discover strategies to survive & thrive as an Empath or HSP in this 3-hour workshop.

Do you pick up the energy of others? When you enter a space can you feel the atmosphere of the room? Have you ever found yourself suffering because of these gifts? As an Empath or Highly Sensitive Person, we often absorb the energies of other people, animals or even spaces & objects, taking on the energy & losing track of our own boundaries. Being an Empath can be a challenge, but is also an amazing gift. By utilizing practices such as Energetic Boundaries & Shielding & Daily Energy Hygiene we can create a rich & balanced experience that maximizes our gifts while protecting ourselves in an energetically crazy world.

Natural Intuition – Connecting to Your Highest Self

As a child you easily accessed your intuition, but through years of negative messages, most of us unlearn this gift. Natural Intuition is an easy & accessible way to come back to that naturally intuitive state. In this workshop, we will explore practices & tools for improving our ability to hear that still-small-voice of our Highest Self.

Do you regularly second guess decisions? Do you often think, “I knew I should have done that.” Would you like to develop your ability to quickly make decisions or choices based on a strong, inner knowing of what is best for you? With some basic practices, you too can tap into your “Highest Self”. Over a 4 week period, we will explore & develop practices that support strong self confidence & intuitive knowing.

Intuitive Tarot

Demystify the process of learning Tarot reading for yourself.  We will tap into archetype images common to all cultures & see how they are represented in the Tarot. Working with the modern Gaian Tarot, or your own deck, you will learn to work with Tarot to enhance your intuition.


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