Sacred Spaces & Memories

22 years ago I lived in San Francisco.  This natural oasis in the midst of a busy city provided a view of the Golden Gate and Bay from one window and of the beach from another.  This week I was back in NoCal being nurse and Chief Empowerment Officer to my son.  He was in the hospital, and the Mom-DNA in my made me come visit him.  During his recovery, which is going slowly, but well, we went on a tour of my favorite Bay Area spots – places that hold sacred memories of our time when he was very little.

For years, I’ve thought the memories of Rodeo Cove and Lands End Trail were fabrications; that these places couldn’t possible be as breathtakingly beautiful as they are in my minds eye. They are even more beautiful.

The experience of revisiting these sacred spaces was amplified by the presence of my son. I couldn’t help but rattle on about our adventures when he was little. I really tried to keep the rambling-memories-of-a-middle-aged-mom in check, and he humored me.  I think he actually enjoyed it!  Being back with him as an amazing adult almost burst my heart with gratitude. (I’m in tears just typing this).  All the pictures below were taken by my son, Nick, with a cell phone camera.

San Francisco Bay Area

Golden Gate Bridge


Walking on the beach at Rodeo Cove – I can’t believe he snapped my pic!


Rodeo Cove


Outcropping at Rodeo Cove


Visitors to the Beach


View from Fort Point, San Francisco, CA


Golden Gate Bridge from Fort Point


Fort Point, San Francisco, CA


Giant Cedar at Lands End, San Francisco, CA


Sutro Baths at Lands End, San Francisco, CA


Lands End, San Francisco, CA


Such beauty and majesty!


Sutro Baths


Seal Rock…no seals

























































Wild & Bright Blessings!