The Problem with Memes & Social Media

The internet has opened sources of education & knowledge for many.  Memes have helped spread the desire to gain knowledge by providing tiny bits of information in a graphic & friendly format.

Herbalist meme

Unfortunately, most are poorly researched. And, of course, because of the brevity lack depth for the novice.

Following the advice of herbal memes, social media posts, blogs (yes, even blogs like this one!) and websites in general can be dangerous to your health and to the health of the planet.  Take for example the info provided in this facebook posts (page name withheld in an effort not to inflame or defame):

Herbs Used For Stress-

One of the simplest and best remedies for stress is the combination which consists of BLACK COHOSH, CAYENNE, HOPS FLOWERS, MISTLETOE, LOBELIA HERB, SCULLCAP, WOOD BETONY (featured pic), LADY’S SLIPPER and VALERIAN ROOT.

First, this is definitely NOT a simple remedy!  This is a complex formula that requires a skilled herbalist to prepare.  How much mistletoe?  How much lobelia (hint: too much could make you barf)?

Next, is my great concern about the threatened plants in this formula:

United Plant Savers lists both Black Cohosh & Lady’s Slipper on their Species At Risk list.  Neither should be wildcrafted (soon to come article on ethical wildcrafting) or purchased from sources that wildcraft.  If and ONLY if you can find a source that organically cultivates these threatened herbs, you may use them; and then only if other herbs have failed to work.

Stress certainly isn’t a situation I would ever consider using threatened or at risk plants allies.

Lady Slipper Orchid

What are great, easy remedies for stress?  Here is a list of lovely stress relieving herbs that are easy to grow:

Stress always calls for Flower Essences & Adaptogens, like Tulsi, in my practice.  In addition, a fundamental remedy for stress is pranayama, or structured breathwork.  Conscious movement is essential in managing stress as well.

I guess my point with this rant is to be aware of what you spread around social media & what you fall for.  Memes & social media can be powerful tools, but they should never replace real education or working with a trained professional.

Stepping off soapbox now.

Watch for a Holistic Stress Management class coming this Fall in DeLand, FL where we will discuss tons of methods to reduce stress.

Wild & Bright Blessings,